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Woven Label

We have the facility to produce any kinds of woven labels.  

Woven Label Types:  Brand labels, Care labels, Pocket flag tags, Composition labels and Decorative labels.

Woven Label Quality Types: Slit or woven edge in taffeta, satin, reverse satin or weft sateen (high definition) using polyester, rayon, acetate or cotton.

Woven Label Cutting and Folding:  Cold cut, hot cut, ultrasonic cut and laser cut. End folded, loop folded, mitre folded, cross folded, book folded and manhattan folded.

Additional Processes on Woven Label:  Stiffening/starching, self adhesive, heat sensitive adhesive, embossing, transfer printing, filling (pocket labels) and die cutting of any shape.


Airjet Woven Machine by Dornier (Taffeta)(Synchro) 4 Nos      
Airjet Woven Machine by Muller (Satin + Taffeta) MUJET-1 7 Nos      
Rapier Woven Machine by Somet (Satin + Taffeta) Thema 11 4 Nos      
Rapier Woven Machine by Sulzer (Satin + Taffeta) G6200 2 Nos      
Rapier Woven Machine by Smit (Taffeta) GS920/900 3 Nos      
Needle Machine by Muller (Satin + Taffeta) MVC200 4 Nos      
CAD system by Continental Automation, India          
Mucad System by Muller Switzerland          

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    Using 15 years of experience of woven & printed labels, hangtags, digital offset printing, UV offset printing , heat transfer printing & leather pataches Maheen Label Tex Ltd and Maheen Dizyan Etiket Ltd are in a position to cater unrivalled serices to the textile and readymade garment industries

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